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Gurusblogger is a tech blog formerly known as 90campus which is responsible for disseminating vital information on tech tips, android tutorials, internet tutorials, reviews, online money making tips, free internet tweaks, tips & tricks, how to’s and lot’s more.

Gurusblogger website was founded in year 2018, by Lawrence Peace nicked as “Lilwhiz”… Gurusblogger is formally an online forum running on PHPBB, before it was changed and running on a WordPress Blog.

Today Gurusblogger is currently ranked among top 100 tech blogs according to feedspot and we’re really working hard to making our blog the best.


Lawrence Peace Popularly known as “Lilwhiz” is a Graphics and Web Developer, who studied Computer Engineering and had passion for blogging since 2014.

Lawrence provide a wide variety of IT Solutions, Professional Web designing, SEO marketing, content writing and lot’s more. He loves a particular quote made by Google CEO (Larry Page) which is ”Technology should do the hard-work” and through the help of internet and research findings, he has been able to achieve a lot and has a great passion for blogging.

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Gurusblogger isn’t just for tech geeks, we believe everyone is a guru in one way or the other and no talent should be wasted, which is why we’ve been assisting lots of internet lovers in various categories and promoting others to make a positive impact in the technology industry.

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