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Best Android Emulators For PC to Use on Your Windows 2019

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Best Android Emulators For PC to Use on Your Windows 2019Best Android Emulators For PC to Use on Your Windows 2019

Android Emulators are designed to run Android Apps on your Windows computer. As they require a lot of Physical Memory and storage, finding a suitable one is a great headache. There are tons of Android Emulators for PC. But finding an efficient one for your PC is a real tough task. BlueStack, MEmu, Nox App Player, Remix OS Player, etc are some among the most used Android Emulators for PC.

1. Nox App Player

I should add Nox App Player to the top of the list because it deserves to be on the top of the list. Needless to say, Nox App Player is awesome and is great for personal use. The User Interface and Easy to use navigation are the two prime factors that really attracted me to try Nox App Player. After using it for a while, I became a great fan of it. Now I am using Nox App Player on my PC to run Android Apps on my PC.

Nox App Player is a rooted Android Emulator and you are not required to root it again to run any sort of root apps. If you take a look at both MEmu and Nox App Player, you will notice both of them are quite similar to each other and yes it’s true. For me personally, I felt it as the same Android Emulator with different Branding and name. Whatever it is both the Android Emulator does the job really great. You can have a check at the highlighted features of Nox App Player Android Emulator below.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy Controlling
  • Massive Games
  • Assistive Utilities
  • Games of High Quality
  • Easy Controlling
  • Smoothest Entertainment

(You can use the link given below from the official website to download Nox App Player for Windows)

Download Nox

2. Bluestacks

When talking about Android Emulators, we cannot avoid Bluestacks. Bluestacks is one of the oldest as well as efficient Android Emulator program available for Windows platform. Bluestacks was mainly targeting gaming users but now it is better for App Developers too. The very recent version of Bluestacks, Bluestacks 3 which is more efficient, faster and stable allows anyone to play high graphical games as well as Multitasking. Bluestacks comes with both free and optional $2 per month plan in the market.

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Highlighted Features:

  • Offline as well as Online Installer available
  • Install third-party APK directly from your PC by simply double-clicking it.
  • Comes pre-loaded with Google Play Store

3. Remix OS Player

After the huge success made by Remix OS, Jide Technologies turned around and launched it’s very own new Android Emulator called Remix OS Player. Remix OS let us install Android on our PC directly, this was not an Emulator, but a real operating system. For the installtion, you are required to have dedicated partition and after the installation, you need to select Remix OS from the Boot Menu and it will load Remix OS without even loading Windows.

Remix OS Player

Recently, they launched a new Android Emulator known as Remix OS Player. To be frank, I fall in love with this one after I used it for the first time. This one got so many features that no other Android Emulators in the industry has. Now try it yourself and find what else you will get from Remix OS Player than the ordinary ones. It is one among other few Android Emulators to be Rooted straight out of the box and it is highly gaming optimized and user-friendly, too.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes pre-rooted
  • Google Play Store installed
  • Built-in App Store
  • Optimized for Android gaming
  • Multi-Tasking (Just like Windows OS, use different apps side-by-side)
  • and a lot more…

   Download Remix OS Player

4. MEmu

MEmu is a gamer-oriented Android Emulator with tons of features that every single gamer are going to enjoy. If you are someone who loves to play PUBG Mobile on PC then MEmu has a dedicated keymapping to effectively play PUBG with your keyboard and mouse. Apart from that, you can set the resolution for your workspace like 720p, 1080p, etc.

memu android emulator

Once the installation is done, MEmu Android player will automatically find all the APK file in your computer and you can easily install it by simply double-clicking it. As mentioned earlier, MEmu and Nox App Player has great resemblances and both the players are an absolute gem for anyone who wants to use Android on their Windows-based PC hardware.

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5. Andy

Andy Android Emulator

This one is a completely free Android Emulator called Andy. Andy is user-friendly for every App developers as well as Gamers. Andy is really unique when it comes to the features part. You can use your smartphone as a controller while playing Games. This one supports ARM and you can directly Install apps to Andy through your Desktop. Andy Installer Package comes with VirtualBox in it. It needs virtualization and VirtualBox will be automatically installed while installing Andy Android Emulator.

Highlighted Features:

  • Use a Smartphone as a controller while playing games
  • Comes with pre-rooted
  • Ideal for Gamer

6. Droid4x

Next one in our list is the Droid4x Android Emulator. Droid4x is the best alternative to Andy. This one comes with many features as like what we have in Andy. Andy is ideal for both Gamers and Developers. For Developers, Working with their apps will be super easy with Droid4x. Upon our review on Driod4X, it seems to be promising and is way efficient than other programs in the market. Droid4x is completely Free for both Developers and users. You can also use your Smartphone as a controller to play games as like in Andy.


If you really like the way Andy Android Emulator works and want Alternatives to it, then you should definitely checkout Droid4X. Droix4X has both Online and Offline Installer packages and you can use either one of them to get it running on your PC.

Highlighted Features:

  • Way faster and efficient
  • Use a Smartphone as a controller while playing games.
  • Developer friendly
  • Offline Installer available

7. KoPlayer

KoPlayer Android Emulator

KoPlayer is new to the market which comes with many features that will blow your mind.KoPlayer is mainly targeted for Gamers. That’s exactly why most features of KoPlayer is Gamer-friendly. The installation process is simple and straight forward. One of the highlighted features of this player is the Keyboard to Touch Mapping control which is unique.

Highlighted Features:

  • Keyboard Mapping
  • HD Resolution
  • Requires Good amount of RAM
  • Mainly targeted for Gamers
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   Download KoPlayer

8. Genymotion


Genymotion is a perfect option for any App/Game Developers. Genymotion is for those who want to test their apps on various devices simultaneously. You can yourself configure Genymotion for any android device. For example, you can run OnePlus 7 Pro with Android 10 Beta or a Pixel 3 XL with Android 9.0 Pie. You can easily switch between devices and try apps on any device you like. Genymotion exactly targets App Developers and is not that great for consumer option, but if you want, they also provide a free plan as well.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great for Developers
  • Select device configuration of your choice
  • Switch between devices in one click
  • Free for Consumer option

   Download Genymotion

9. Windroy

Windroy Android Emulator



AMIDuOS Android Emulator

   Download AMIDuOS

Standalone Android-based OS for PC

Other than Android Emulators, there is are simple OS specially developed for PC users. These OSs helps us to run Android Apps on our PC. By installing these OS, Our computer completely transforms into an Android Device. These OSs comes pre-installed with Google Play Store and many other apps.

11. Remix OS

Remix OS

Remix OS is a revolutionary Android-based Operating System for PC. In simple terms, we can call Remix OS as a fusion of both Android and Windows together to give the easiness of using a Computer OS and all the great features and APK support that are available only on Android devices. You can use keyboard and mouse, drag and drop, selection, right-click, apps drawer, Start menu button, multi-tasking, and open apps as different windows like we do in regular Desktop-based OS.

12. Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS is a great alternative to Remix ODS. For a very long them there has been no competition to Remix OS as there was no Android-based OS for PC. But later Phoenix OS was released with similar and much better options and features to compete Remix OS. Anyways, both Phoenix OS and Remix OS are really cool concepts that let us to to run Android optimized for PC.



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