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Best Sites to Receive SMS Online Without Your Real Phone Number

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Best Sites to Receive SMS Online Without Your Real Phone Number 1

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Receive SMS Online Numbers or Disposable Mobile Numbers are virtual Phone/Mobile Numbers that can be used to bypass OTP Verification. There are many situations where we wanted to provide our Mobile Number in order to get access to some exclusive stuff. This kind of verification is required when you register for a service on some website or Mobile App.

Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Mobile Apps like WhatsApp, Hike, etc is required to verify your Mobile Number by OTP Code. This is a one-time password (OTP) used to create a new account. These are temporary phone numbers that you can use to get verification SMS and register for any service in less than a minute.

At certain times, we may not be able to provide our Primary Mobile number to some sites or Mobile Apps. That is because they may Spam our Mobile Number or constantly keep sending promotional SMS. To get rid of this kinda problems, It is always advisable to use a Free Disposable Phone Numbers or Receive SMS Online Numbers, so you can get the OTP virtually and also register on the particular site you want. So, that Cool, right?

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I know you are well surprised by the concept. This saves us from falling prey to Spammers. So, hopefully, it will work for you guys, too. Give it a try. I will leave links to several sites below, so, you can select wisely.

Bypass OTP Verification Sites

You will find more than 5 to 10 different websites below. So, if one doesn’t get it right for you, you can go with the other one. Once you have selected your favorite website from the list below, Follow the instructions mentioned below.

1. FreeOnlinePhone.org

Receive SMS Online without Registration

Are you looking for Receive SMS Online without registration? then FreeOnlinePhone is the one you are looking for. The best part of this site is the plug and play kind of like usage. Just select any number of your choice, hit on Read SMS button and voila! the SMS will be displayed there itself without even having the need to refresh the Page.

Best Sites to Receive SMS Online Without Your Real Phone Number 2

Major countries they support are”

  • United Kingdom
  • Sweden
  • Canada

2. ReceiveSMSOnline.Net

Receive SMS Online Free

ReceiveSMSOnline.net is another interesting site to receive SMS for any OTP based phone/mobile number verification. In here, you are not required to do sign up or registration. All you wanted to do is just go to the site, select a number of your choice, click on read SMS and it will display all the latest SMS that are actually available on their server.

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Major Countries they do support

  • Canada
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

3. Hs3x.com

Receive SMS Online United States

Hs3x is a Receive SMS Online website focused on United States numbers. They are having a wide variety of United States number to select from. The procedure is pretty much as simple as any other service mentioned in this article. On the homepage itself, you can see a list of grouped United States Numbers. Just any one of them and proceed further. Enter the number you got from here on the site or App where you wanted to do the Mobile Number verification and complete the process.

The major country they are specialized in is the United States.

4. FreePhoneNum.com

receive sms online

FreePhoneNum is a simple yet powerful website which is having a collection of 87 different Numbers from more than 5 different countries. You could be using this number to sign up or registration process on a number of websites, apps, and services all around the Internet.

As of now, this website is having 26 Number for the US, 16 number for the UK, 10 Number for Canada, 4 numbers for Belgium and 1 Number for Puerto Rico. Their team is working hard to add new numbers in every update and soon there will be a collection of more than 100+ numbers in the list.

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This is how the website looks like with the simple and eye-catching UI.

5. Receive-sms.com

Receive SMS Online Without Sign up

Receive-SMS.com is another interesting website to receive SMS online without having the need to do a signup or go through the registration process. There are lots of Sites including forums and stuff which need your Email address to proceed further and participate in Group discussion and sort of feature like that.

In these sort of cases, this website comes really handy. The User Interface is simple and everything is straightforward. On the homepage, you will be presented with a list of a few numbers. Simply select a number based on the location from which you need it and then further proceed with the OTP verification process.


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