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Best Text Messaging Apps for Android Smartphone in 2019

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Best Text Messaging Apps for Android Smartphone in 2019 1Statistics has show that more people are texting everyday than ever, as it stands as the best and fastest way of communicating and this set of people are within the range of friends, families and businessmen.

However, most people still prefers that special sense of listening to human talk and we sincerely respect that decision.

All single mobile phones are completely pre-loaded with default SMS apps, which is the SMS/text messaging. But the issue here is that, they are not often not very good.

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That is why, we have listed a much better alternative in this compelling list of the best messaging apps for Android devices, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, SnapChat, etc.

Android Messages

Well, it is always the best among the rest and has always won the hearts of so many users. Android messages is just the top choice and sincerely the best among the rest. It is free, best designed interface, good platform for messaging and smaller size for Android smartphone. Android Messages is Google’s own SMS app, and you can find it on Google Playstore.


facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger

Like the Google’s Android messages, it is free and the company also has real future plans for the app. The Messenger is a Facebook’s owned text messaging apps for Android Smartphone. Sincerely, it is good but incomparable to others in the list, as it features ads, drains a lot of batteries, uses storage and RAM.

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google playstore

Textra SMS

Textra SMS

One of the most popular text messaging apps on Android is Textra SMS. It is not just the most popular, but also the most solid texting apps for Android Smartphone. And like the Chomp SMS, it has free features but to get more premium/pro features, there is a single in-app purchase for $2.99.

google playstore


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