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Hack InApp Purchase and Disable Android Ads Using Lucky Patcher

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Hack InApp Purchase And Disable Android Ads Using Lucky Patcher

Hack InApp Purchase And Disable Android Ads Using Lucky Patcher: We all enjoy using apps and playing games on our Android phone. But sometimes, Android developers might place a restriction on some useful features, which allows only premium users to access these extra features.

Even if the app is free to use. sometimes, there may be too many ads which can get in the way of user experience of the application, this can be annoying for some users.

In this article, I will be sharing with you how you can purchase premium features on an android app without using real money. You will be able to use this trick to buy coin and gems on android games. And lastly, I will share a simple method you can use to disable ads on an android app.

While there is a lot of method for doing this on Android. This article will focus on using Lucky Patcher as a tool to hack InApp Purchase and disable ads in android app.

I have chosen Lucky Patcher because it is relatively easy to use and supports the older Android version.

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With lucky Patcher, we will be able to hack InApp purchase, and blocking those annoying ads that disrupt user experience, will be as easy as pie. So let’s get straight into it.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purpose only. Gurusblogger will not be healed responsible for the misuse of information found on this website.

What Exactly Is Lucky Patcher And How Does It Work

Lucky Patcher is a tool that lets you modify android applications. it does this by modifying the code in an android app. This code in an Android app is usually stored in the form of .dex file.

Lucky Patcher checks for the equivalent hexadecimal code and modifies it depending on what you want to use it for.

How To Hack InApp Purchase Using Lucky Patcher

Both root and non-root users can hack InApp purchase with Lucky Patcher. Although, the process is slightly different for non-root users. If you don’t already have Lucky Patcher installed, download Lucky Patcher here.

When installing Lucky Patcher, ensure that you have enabled “ Allow access from unknown source”. If you don’t have this option enabled, it can be found at Settings > Security > Unknown sources

To hack InApp purchase with Lucky Patcher, follow the following steps.

How To Hack InApp purchase For Root Users Using Lucky Patcher

• Lunch Lucky Patcher and click on the sandbox button located at the bottom of the screen
• After clicking on the sandbox, locate the Patch to Android button and click on it.
• Now, wait for some time while your device reboot.
• After your device completes rebooting, you can then launch the app you want to hack.
• Now try buying an item within the app and a lucky Patcher window that says “do you want to purchase this item for free” will appear.
• Now click on yes and that’s it.

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Pretty simple right? This can be used to purchased gems/coins when playing games. And also, it can be used to get premium access to apps with premium features.

How To Hack Inapp Purchase With Lucky Patcher For Non-root Users

Use the following method if your Android phone isn’t rooted.

  • Launch Lucky Patcher and select the app you want to hack. This will open a menu window.
  • Click on Menu of Patches
  • Click Create Modified Apk file
  • And then click on Rebuild the App.

It will take Lucky Patcher a few seconds to create a modified apk. This modified apk is stored at “data/com.android.vending.billing.InAppBillingService/files/LuckyPatcher/Modified/ “.

You will need to uninstall the original Application. Without uninstalling the original application, you will get an “App not installed” error, if you try to update the modified app with the original app.

You can also choose to back up the original apk if you prefer, before uninstalling.
After uninstalling the app. Install the modified apk

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Now try to purchase an item and you will get a window from lucky Patcher that will let you get that item for free.

it is important to note that most apps will become unstable when patched with Lucky Patcher. So they may not install properly. In this case, it is better to use a rooted android phone.

How To Disabled Ads On An Android App Using Lucky Patcher

You can easily disable the ads of any Android app with Lucky Patcher. Just follow this simple step to disable ads on any android app.

  • Launch Lucky Patcher and select the app you no longer want to see ads on
  • Click on open Menu of Patches
  • Click on Create Modified Apk
  • Click on APK without google ads
  • Then click on Rebuild the app

At this point, you will get a waiting dialog box. It shouldn’t take Lucky Patcher more than a couple of seconds to create a modified apk. Remember to uninstall the old apk before installing the modified one if your phone is not rooted.


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