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How to Do Two Things at a Time On Android – Split Screen

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How to Do Two Things at a Time On Android - Split ScreenIf you’re using the latest version of android e.g. Android 7, 8 & above, you would have seen some interesting features like How to Do Two Things at a Time On Android – Split Screen added to it.


If you are not aware about this part, then you would come to understand how to do it and how it works. So in other to making you understand how to do two things at a time on Android, kindly read this full post content as it would be useful to you.

How to Do Two Things at a Time On Android - Split Screen

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So i was also explaining, this feature is as simple as ABC whereby you wouldn’t even expect you can be watching movie and chatting

on facebook, WhatsApp or anything at the same thing. I was just using chatting and watching movie as an example as you can do more than that just by splitting your Android screen like a PC. cool isn’t it?


Split Screen is a process on Android which allows you the user run two programs at a time. It also helps saves RAM and background processes thereby turning both screen in one consuming process.
For instance, you know how most android phones with low RAM tends to behave when there’s shortage of RAM, the System UI closes your recently minimized and other running apps running on background thereby making only the app you’re running opened in other to save RAM.

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e.g you’re on Mozilla Firefox and you quickly wants to copy a content from the Mozilla Firefox to your notepad, then you minimized the app to notepad, on opening it back, it restarted. you know how annoying this may be?

So if you want to split your Android screen, go through the steps below and let us know if you don’t understand by commenting below.

How To Use Split Screen?

1. Make sure your Android phone is a latest version like Android 7 & above.
2. Open the first app you want to use
3. Long press the minimising button, you should see your first app being tagged to half of your screen.
4. Locate the second app you want to use, just tap on it and your screen would be splitted into two.
5. that’s all.

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