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How to Make a Successful Google and Facebook Ads

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How to Make a Successful Google and Facebook Ads

How to Make a Successful Google and Facebook Ads

It’s usually easier to cater to a specific target group than to try to embrace all viewers of all ages. But intuition is not enough – obviously, what makes someone successful in the field of Internet marketing is a little bit of everything.

Talent, experience, and the right tools: every single piece needs the other to succeed. Enter Pro Export Ninja Tools, a great marketing tool, created for Instagram.

What is Pro Export Ninja Tool?

This program allows the user to gather crucial information from other Instagram accounts and store it in an Excel or Google Sheets file. You can then analyze it at will and use it in super-targeted Google, Facebook or Instagram advertising.

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Instagram has changed a lot since its inception in 2012. Nowadays, it’s almost mandatory to create an Instagram account and use it properly if you want to run a successful business. That’s where this application, specifically designed for Instagram, comes in handy – it basically saves you a lot of work locating and storing the information you need for posterior analysis.

With this service, you can store:

  • The account’s username, full name, and biography
  • The number of followers and following accounts.
  • The number of posts – both normal posts and posts made for IGTV.
  • Whether it is a private account or it’s available for everyone to see.
  • The verified status of the account.
  • If the email is public, it will be stored.
  • If the phone number is public, it will be stored too
  • The account type (personal or business account)
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As you can see, it’s a lot of useful information. You can use in various ways, and even in email marketing.

How to Run Successful Google, Facebook or Instagram Ads Using Pro Export Ninja Tools

Now, what you all were waiting for – we’ll explain how you can use this amazing tool for super-targeted advertising in your PC or smartphone. It’s surprisingly easy!

  • The first thing you should do is, of course, search for needed accounts on Instagram. Remember – you will be sending emails to the people you think could have an interest in what you’re offering, so choose the initial accounts with this in mind.
  • Export their followers/following/engagers using the tool. It would be good to export the people who like and comment on the posts made on these accounts, too.
  • After this, filter all of the accounts. Pro Export Ninja Tools should show you if the accounts have a public email address and phone number. These accounts are the ones you will use for your advertising.
  • Start your Facebook/Instagram/Google advertising! Sit back and enjoy the sweet success.
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As you can see, Pro Export Ninja Tools can save you days of hard work. This amazing tool only costs 19$, and it doesn’t ask for a subscription fee! You only need to pay once to enjoy this tool, forever. Enter here and start improving your marketing services today!

Do you know other applications that work like Pro Ninja Export Tools? Do you have experience in the field of online marketing? Leave us your feedback and thoughts about this tool in the comment section.


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