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How To Make Money Online Doing What You Love Most

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How To Make Money Online Doing What You Love Most

How To Make Money Online Doing What You Love Most: Have you ever heard about making money online doing what you love most? Is that even possible? How can i make few bucks with my skills?

Hi Gurus, today i will be discussing and explaining to you all how you can make few bucks online doing what you love most.

Many do ask; is that even possible? But the truth is YES it is very possible. Though getting the right information is very essential in doing online jobs, because some of this jobs like surveys, reviews, ppd (pay per downloads) happens to be scam. However, if you’re good with searching the net for legit informations, you would have came across few online jobs that would really pay you for your work.

So, that’s why we’ve made everything possible by scrubbing the net and getting the right information for you, all you can do for us in return in help us share this post using the share button with others so they can also benefit from this wonderful article.

When it comes to making money online doing what we love, most internet users tends to skip this part because they’ve tried it and it failed due to the numbers of scam websites online.

Which would not only take most of your time but also your hardwork without paying you. That’s why some Tech Geeks had decided to create a review websites which would assist online users on the next step to take before participating on any online money platform.

But, if you have any skills which could make you few bucks and assist others, then you should consider reading this. However, no skills is a waste, which is why everyone is a guru one way or the other.

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How To Make Money Online Doing What You Love Most

For instance, let’s say you love designing and you spend most of your time doing graphics, then you could actually turn your creativity into cool cash and also improve your designing skills at the same time.

Today, i will be listing few legit websites which you could actually sell your potential and make lots of Money from it. However, Google was not built in a day i.e you can’t expect to start monetising your skills today and become famous and rich today 😕, Even the famous Google started somewhere.

I will categorise this online money making methods into 2 parts.

1. Make Money as a Freelancer

2. Selling your Skills Online

Make Money as a Freelancer

This method has assisted a lot of online geeks, It has really helped me alot in various ways.

Freelance jobs is perfect, i know few tech geeks who has been successful doing freelance work online without having a personal job. If you’re smart enough, you can earn a living being a freelancer, what i mean by being smart is; you’re not the only freelancer out there, you have billions of competitors than you could imagine, but you can outsmart your competitors by looking for insights and doing more research, sharpening your skills etc.

So, here is a list of websites you could make money from selling your skills.

1. Upwork

If you’re good with searching the net, you would have heard about Upwork, but if you haven’t, let me briefly explain it.

How To Make Money Online Doing What You Love Most 1

Upwork is an online community/market place where buyers and sellers meets to transact.

You can get paid hourly or per project completed.

Who are the buyers and sellers?

The buyers are the clients who hires and pays freelancers to perform a particular task.

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The sellers are the freelancers who accepts the clients offers, completes the job given and get paid for successful completion.

What are they selling 😕?

Like i said, you could actually turn your potential into money if you know what you’re doing. Upwork is one of the largest freelancing websites which allow you work online and get paid, accepting online jobs, completing orders and lots more. Let’s say I’m a Blogger who loves to write and would love to use my writing skills to make few bucks online, all i need to do is to head over to Upwork, create an account as a seller, complete all necessary informations, market my skills and start receiving orders, complete my order and get paid.

You can click HERE to join Upwork.

2. Fiverr

Another one is Fiverr which is of another dimension, Fiverr tends to allow freelancers sell their skills in form of Gigs and getting paid for jobs completed.

How To Make Money Online Doing What You Love Most 2

Fiverr is also another perfect freelancing website which i do recommend to freelancers ready to work.

However, it’s possible you wouldn’t get an order weeks after registration. Don’t give up 😕.

Before i received my first order on Fiverr, it took me months but that doesn’t mean you should quit. Gradually, as long as you keep getting orders and your jobs are completed as at when due, you would get ranked.

You can click HERE to join Fiverr..

You can search Google for more freelancing websites if you’re not comfortable with this two.

Selling Your Skills Online

If you love writing for instance, you could actually make lots of money online by selling your content. Content is King 👑

Selling online has been made easy using some websites with one click registration. If you don’t know which sites you can use to sell online, click HERE to read my post on a site called Payhip which you can use sell digital products online.

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You don’t have to look down on selling your skils online. It really works, all you need is a perfect promotion which would help you increase your sales and engagements. However, we can help you advertise your product on our Main Page if you’ve decided to give it a try. Just click HERE to buy an ad space and get approved instantly.

When i started selling my skills online, i made my first sale 5days after publishing my product. I love coding, most especially designing web themes and templates, so instead of just coding and designing, i decided to make few bucks by selling one of my perfectly designed blogspot template, which i was surprised when i made my first income. Since then, i realised how cool this was.


You don’t have to use money to get money, all you need is a plan and an asset. Neil Patel (Popular internet marketer) explained how he got ranked #1 on Google free without paying for ads. So if this is actually possible, then with this few tips on how to make money online selling your skills, you could actually earn big.

Making money online is easy, but finding the right information to getting started is hard 😔. Which is why we’re always here to guide you on how you can be successful online.

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with others.

I will update you on new discoveries soon, just bookmark 📑 our blog for more legit information.



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