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How to Make Your Business Appears On Google First Page

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How to Make Your Business Appears On Google First Page 1

Traditional marketing has been in existence for long, but Internet marketing is spreading rapidly and %80 of successful businesses have achieved their goals using internet marketing.

If you don’t understand what both marketing strategies means, i will explain it below. However, before we continue, please help us share this post with your friends using the share button.

What is Marketing?

Marketing has different definitions produced by various experts. However, i will define it in two ways.

1. Marketing is the process of teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over your competitors.

2. Marketing is the process of creating awareness for a product.

If you feel you’re not comfortable with this definition, you can search more definitions online.

What is Traditional Marketing?

This involves the use of platforms like Newspapers, Magazines, TV Shows, Flyers etc to create awareness for your products or business.

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What is Internet Marketing?

This is the process of creating awareness for your products or services which involves the use of online platforms e.g. Google, Gurusblogger, Facebook, Blogs, Instagram, Forums, WhatsApp, Online Communities etc.

So in this post – How to Make Your Business Appears On Google First Page, i will be assisting you on how to place your business on Google map in other to making it easier for your clients and visitors to locate you.


1. Android Device

2. Gmail Account

3. Working Business Address

4. Other Business Details

How to Make Your Business Appears On Google First Page 2

Most people tends to look down on Google business but if you come to use it, you would see the rapid improvements in your business.

Google is the largest search engine with over billions of search queries daily. %80 of users in the world, uses internet daily and %75 tends to search the web for information. Who would want to miss this opportunity? Do you know that as successful as most business organisation, they still use Internet marketing to promote their brand?

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Well, i won’t explain much on this, so if you’re just hearing Google Business for the first time, you can search on the Search Giant itself for more information.

How to add Your Business to Google Business Listing

Here is a preview of my blog 90campus (Former Name). Aside from using the domain name as by blog domain, if i didn’t use the domain name and have verified and confirmed my business on Google business listing, there is a %90 chance that when someone searches for the word ‘90campus’ my business would actually be on the first page.

How to Make Your Business Appears On Google First Page 3

Just follow the steps below to add your business. However, make sure you have all the requirements.

1. Visit Google My Business or Click HERE

Locate the Get Started Button and tap it

2. Enter your business name and address to check if your business is on Google, if not just click on the add your business.

Note: Use Correct Address

3. Fill in your details;

Address, Business Category, Location etc.

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4. Click on the continue button to confirm your business.

5. Verify Your Business Listing by confirming the code Google will send to your address via post office. It usually takes about 15days.

However, If your area post office isn’t working perfectly, you can contact us to help you add your business on Google for a token 😊.

But before that, make sure you haven’t applied.

But, if your post office works perfectly, then you’re good to go.

Just add your correct details and submit, then you can fill up important forms later.

That’s all on How to Make Your Business Appears On Google First Page.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share with others. If you are having any issue regarding this, kindly drop your comment below.


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