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How To Prevent Referrer Spam In Google Analytics

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Recently, My Google Analytics account also got affected by Referral Spam issue. At that time, I was not able to get an accurate report about my blog stats. There were tons of Referrers from many popular domains like abc.xyz, lifehacker.com, etc. They were all spam.

It completely ruined my Analytics Data. Basically, Spammers send high volume to bot traffic with 100% rate to get the data ruined. There’s nothing wrong at your end, all we want to do is just a simple configuration in Google Analytics Web Property Admin Settings.

What Is Referrer Spam?

You might have noticed a tremendous increase in your Blog traffic from last few days. But do you think all of them are legit? Never. You will be very happy to see links to your blog from high authority websites life LifeHacker and TheNextWeb. But, this traffic is completely fake. They directly reach your Google analytics account without even visiting your blog. You may have noticed a higher bounce rate too, didn’t you?

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Now let’s check how to fix Referrer Spam Issue in your Google Analytics account.

How To Prevent Google Analytics Referrer Spam?

I will try to make this guide as simple as possible. Follow the simple step-by-step guide mentioned below.

Step 1: Login to your Google Analytics account and make sure that you select your Website property.

Step 2: Go to Admin Tab

Step 3: Click on Filters menu from Admin Options.

Click on Filter option in Google Analytics Admin tab

Step 4: Click on “+Add Filters” button.

Add Filters

Step 5: Now you need to add filter information about the particular site you want to block.

For the sake of this tutorial, I’m taking lifehacker.com as an example.

Step 6: Give your Filter a name in the Filter Name field, Choose Filter Type as “Campaign Source“, and type your target site URL in the “Filter Pattern” fields.

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Type Filter Informations

Step 7: Now under Apply Filter to Views tab, click on All Web Site Data and simply click on Add button. (Do the same to add another Filter as well.)

Add Filter to All Website Data

That’s it. We have successfully created Filter for a particular website. Now referral data from that particular domain will be excluded from your final report. That means, Next onwards when you view your Analytics report, no data from these URL will be displayed.

Spammers use different websites for spamming your blog. So, they use different websites every time. So make sure that you create a new filter for every spam URL separately.

Block Common Spammers Using A Single Filter

You can also block common spammers using a single filter by adding a suitable filter pattern. If you have spam referrer from more than two or three Websites, you can use this method. Usually, spammers try using multiple websites to get your analytics data ruined. If you are having multiple such entries then be sure to use the template given below, to include all the URL/Domain in a single configuration.

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First of all, Login to your Google Analytics account, select the web property and then move to Admin panel to find all the options. Once you are there on the Admin level page then follow the steps mentioned below. This is for blocking multiple websites without adding entries for each of them.

Step 1: Click on “+Add Filter“.

Step 2: Give a Filter a name, Select Filter Type as exclude and add the following pattern in the Filter Pattern field.


You can replace these phrases and website URLs with another.

Once Done, Simply click on the Save button and that’s it rest will be intelligently automated.


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