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How to Write a Note With Your Voice On Android – Voice to Text

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How to Write a Note With Your Voice On Android: Are you tired of writing? If yes, then you’re at the right place to getting a perfect solution.

Hi Gurus, here is another interesting topic which explains How to Create a Note With Your Voice – Voice to Text. Lol! Is that even possible?

The answer is YES, it’s possible.

Life with Android is very easy, all you need is the perfect application to do the job for you. I believe Technology should do the hard work.

Writing itself consumes energy not to talk of typing, you know how frustrating this may be sometimes? 😂 Android is now making us lazy, but thanks to technology, most of our tasks are being completed very fast.

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How to Write a Note With Your Voice On Android

If you’re tired of typing, then you should really learn this method because it works perfectly for me. There are lots of voice tweak you could do on Android such as changing your voice by playing pranks, converting voice to text, text to voice, etc.

There are lots of mobile apps you can use in converting your voice to text, but most of these apps can be used for voice search and not as good as creating a note.

However, I came across an app on Google Play called Speech Texter, it has most of this features and it can also allow you to convert your voice into text (not just text but text note).

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If you’re a teacher, student, blogger, etc. then Speech Texter is perfect for you.

Speech Texter is a powerful voice to text app which provides continuous speech recognition and converts it into a perfect note.

It also helps in creating a long essays, posts, reports etc. using only your voice.

If you don’t feel like typing, you should consider using Speech Texter.


– Create text notes, SMS, emails, tweets by using your voice
– Dictionary (you can make your own commands for punctuation), ex. “question mark”>”?”, “new line” > (ENTER key)
– It has more than 60 languages supported
– It has a high accuracy of recognition, around 95% for the English language.
– Ability to save notes.

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1. Android 4+

2. Internet Connection

How to download Speech Texter?

In other to download this app, click on the link below and don’t forget to share with others…


How to Write a Note With Your Voice On Android.

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