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5 Ways to Generate Massive Income by Monetizing Your Blog in 2019

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What You Will Learn From My Post?

Here’s what you’re going to learn today from my post (Massive Income by Monetizing Your Blog):

  • Why monetizing a blog is easier than you think
  •   5 simple strategies to monetize your blog traffic
  • How to start making money by the end of the day
  • Why advertising isn’t the devil
  • Why your audience is crying out for you to sell to them

Hi Guys, Today I will be explaining how to generate massive income from your blog without relying on a particular Ad Company.

Massive Income by Monetizing Your Blog in 2019

1. Product Reviews

This is a super simple and effective strategy for monetizing a blog. If there is a product that fits your niche and will help your readers, why not write a review about it?

Are there any:

  • Books
  • DVD’s
  • Webinars
  • Physical Products
  • Online Services

That your audience would benefit from knowing – or having your opinion – about?

This works in either of two ways:

  • Paid Reviews: Where services or companies ask you to run an article about their product. They’ll usually give you free access, and you can give your honest opinion.
  • Affiliate Sales: You could promote a really good book from Amazon.
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2. Udemy Courses

Udemy is really one of the best way to make money online by selling your expertise via video formats.

If you’re not sure what it is, here’s the simple version:

 You create video courses to help people in your niche.

monetise blog traffic with udemy

It’s a little like University, but from the comfort of your own home, with less commitment. No life-crippling fee’s. And lessons you actually care about learning. Sounds good, right?

It also works as two simple income streams for you too. Because you can:

  • Create your own courses: If you’re confident standing in front of a camera and teaching your audience, you can create and sell your own courses.
  • Affiliate sales: Camera shy? Don’t fret. You can sell links and places on other people’s courses through their affiliate program so you never have to do the work yourself. Just, be sure to vet the course before you promote it.

3. Blogging Assignments

Blogging assignments are a fun way to make some money from your blog, whilst trying new things and connecting with brands in your niche.

And, it’s not who you know, it’s who you’ve helped.

Which could work out well for you in the long run too.

Blogging Assignments

These assignments come in three main forms:

  1. Events: Attend an important brand event in your niche. Write about it. Get paid.
  2. Reviews: Get first hands on a new product and write about it.
  3. Affiliates: Join a brand’s network of affiliates, and get paid to write about their new releases when they come around.
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A big part of the spin of these is blogger outreach – connecting with others in your niche – so not every job pays. But most of them come with free products, so it’s a nice little addition, without needed to be your main source of income.

Sorry, before we move on, don’t forget to share this post with others. Thanks for reading and motivating me to write more.

4. Renting Space For Adverts

Hopefully you’ve come round to the more wholesome way of thinking about advertising.

And, if you’ve got a steady flow of traffic, advertising space is a great way to create some passive income month to month.

And, you can even set it up as a subscription service, so you get a lump sum each month.

Neat, huh?

Most themes now have a space for advertising. And, you might as well make some use of the empty space that’s reserved for it.

The more engaged your audience is, the more you can charge for space.

Even the smallest, most ugly looking adverts can bring in a fair bit of coin.

5. Write and Sell an eBook

If you’ve got a blog, you know something of value about your subject. And, usually, the best content is beyond the scope of a blog post.

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Because well, a book in the hand is worth five blogs in the bush. Or, something like that. If something is in book format it:

  • Is always accessible to your reader
  • Carries more authority than a blog post
  • Makes the reader more invested in the subject – because they paid for it

Which makes it a powerful tool for you to use. And, writing an eBook isn’t hard. Especially not with Kindle Publishing and PDF Downloads now at the touch of a button.

People without blogs have made an entire living from it, so why shouldn’t it add to your income?

Beau Norton, the owner of Health and Happiness Foundation, makes $2000 – $3000 each month from the sales of his eBooks, purely on Amazon. You could be doing the same too.

neil patel“[Sell] Ebooks. If you can create premium content for your readers, they will be highly likely to buy it. Plus you’ll make more money than if you just shoved ads on your blog.” – Neil Patel

That’s all for now. Kindly bookmark my blog and come back for more of my interesting contents.

Massive Income by Monetizing Your Blog in 2019.


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