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PollPay: Earn $5 – $25 Taking Surveys & Referring Users

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PollPay: Earn $5 - $25 Taking Surveys & Referring Users 1

How Does Poll Pay Works?

Before you open the dashboard for the first time, Poll Pay will ask if you have an invitation code.

You can use mine 7CTDQL5VU4 to earn $0.25 as a start-bonus.

Invitation code helps you boost your revenue + additional $0.25.

invite code

Next, you will be invited to complete your first survey, which takes around 2-3 minutes and is worth $0.80+. It consists of profiling questions that are used to assign matching studies to you.


Poll Pay allows you to cash out via PayPal once you have reached $5.

Install BuzzBreak and Withdraw up-to $0.02 - $5 in 5Mins

There are other payment alternatives such as Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, Zalando, and XBOX gift cards. Each has its own minimum cashout requirements.

Don’t Have PayPal Account

If you don’t have a PayPal account, kindly contact us via admin@gurusblogger.com or click HERE let’s help you create a perfect account which sends & receives payment in any country (No restriction).

Price: $4 or N1200

My Account Balance After Completing a Survey

PollPay: Earn $5 - $25 Taking Surveys & Referring Users 2

Simply answer questions about your age, gender, employment, education, income, etc.

After you complete this first survey, a new one will probably become available in your dashboard. In my case, I received a survey invitation that was worth $0.55.

poll pay survey

The great thing about Poll Pay is that they will tell you how many participants are required as well as how long it takes to complete the survey.

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Usually, you will have to answer short questions to qualify for paid surveys. Often times you will be rejected because your answers don’t match the profile that their clients are looking for.

In my opinion, wasting time trying to qualify for surveys is the worst thing about online surveys. Unfortunately, there is no other way around this.

How Much Can You Earn?

Each survey will earn you between $0.50 to $2.

How much money you will earn in total will depend on how many surveys you are qualified for. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to predict as it all depends on your profile and availability of marketing studies.

How to Download PollPay App

Download poll pay from link below


My Country isn’t Supported 😔

If you’re country isn’t supported, don’t worry you can use VPN to access it by following the steps below.

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What You Need

1) Android Device
2) Any good VPN Connected To USA

Steps to follow

1. Download Any VPN and Connect to United States

Note: If you’reyour VPN isn’t working properly, kindly contact us via admin@gurusblogger.com for premium VPN.

Then open the poll pay app and register with facebook, twitter or your mail.

After that, apply the referral code below to earn free sign up Bonus ($0.25)..(compulsory)


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