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Why You Should Place Your Ads On Gurusblogger – #1 Will Convince You

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See Why You Should Place Your Ads On Gurusblogger - #1 Will Convince You

Gurusblogger Ads Promo
See Why You Should Place Your Ads On Gurusblogger – #1 Will Convince You – We’re not only getting our visitors and members directly, We have both organic and paid ads whereby we place our Ads on Instagram, NNU & Facebook with over 40k engagements daily.

Our Ads Promo begins today @cheaper rates.

#1. Why Should I Advertise With Gurusblogger?

Firstly, We’re not a country based platform, we extend around the world in other to providing perfect updates directly and indirectly via our system and also showcase our clients products/contents to the world with the best engagement and interactions.

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You don’t have to be confused 😕 to be convinced about us. We’re perfect in what we do. If we can outgrow 10millions of websites, 3millions of our competitors in a month, then you can surely beat your competitors to the fullest.

Secondly, We believe in hardworks, Like Google Co-founder once quote ;

I have always believed that technology should do the hard work – discovery, organization, communication – so users can do what makes them happiest: living and loving, not messing with annoying computers! That means making our products work together seamlessly.

Work Hard, Work Technology – Larry Page

See Why You Should Place Your Ads On Gurusblogger – #1 Will Convince You

In other words, while you sit calm promoting your products/contents with us, our tech do the hardwork yielding a positive result using our attractive designs, internet marketing experience, social media marketing and over all, our intelligence to helping you get to the next level of your business.

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#2. Okay, I Feel Relieved, Now What’s the Price?

Like the post title implies – Place Your Ads On Gurusblogger, we’re currently running promo ads in other to keep our clients motivated and relaxed, providing the fact that everything isn’t about expenses but action in expenses.

Every categories and pages on our blog has separate ads placement i.e. the ads being placed on our main page (gurusblogger.com) is different from our Android section.

We bill our clients according to the traffic being generated by each sections on our blog.

You won’t believe it, we have various ads categories which would be listed below.

728×90 – Skyscraper Ads

300×250 – Banner Ads

Video Promo – By Implementing Our Graphic Designing Skills

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International Payment via PayPal & Btc is allowed.

Main Page Ads Placement

– 728×90 (N500 daily)
– 300×250 (N300 daily)

PollPay: Earn $5 - $25 Taking Surveys & Referring Users

Free Browsing Section

– 728×90 (N300 daily)
– 300×250 (N200 daily)

Android Section

– 728×90 (N450 daily)
– 300×250 (N250 daily)

Computer Section

– 728×90 (N200 daily)
– 300×250 (N100 daily)

– Text Post (N500 weekly)

Video Ads (Main Page)

– Designed By Us (N3000 weekly)
Check out our ads demo below 👇 for example.

Best Ads Placement 👀.

Promote Your Product to the world.

🗣 Offer Valids till Apr 10th…

#3. How do i advertise?

Thank you for your interest, however to place your ads on our blog, kindly send us a message on the number below.
WhatsApp : +1 646-844-6835

A Trial will make you come back for more..

Thank You For Reading..


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