Home reviews Top 5 Best MP3 Downloader Apps in 2019 – (Free Music Download)

Top 5 Best MP3 Downloader Apps in 2019 – (Free Music Download)

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Top 5 Best MP3 Downloader Apps in 2019

Top 5 Best MP3 Downloader Apps in 2019

Everyone love hearing music, everyone has different taste in songs. Some of the Melody songs, while others like DJ Songs, etc, etc. No matter what type of song you are searching for, Below Mentioned apps have all genre of Songs you are looking for. Whether it be DJ, Melody, Sweet, Love Song don’t worry these apps got all.

So with that, all being set let’s quickly jump into the article let’s have a look at the top 10+ Free Music Apps for downloading or listening to any song. Also have a look at the top 20+ Free Movie Apps to download or watch free movies in HD quality and clear audio and that too, for free.

Top 5 Best MP3 Music Download Apps in 2019

As mentioned earlier, there are thousands of website and apps that claim free music download, But, to be frank, majority of them are full of ads and stuff like that. User experience in those apps lacks, this is exactly why I am sharing this article with you guys. I have top listed some among them with a lot of features and specs, let’s have a look at them.

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1. MP3 Music Download

MP3 Music Downloader

This App is completely Free. You can download any song directly from this App and share it with anyone you like. As mentioned earlier, this App is completely free and safe. You can download any song available in this App. Songs from almost all artist are available in this App. This is the 1st App in our list because it is completely Free


  • 100% Free
  • Download option to listen to music offline.
  • Available on the Google Play Store

   Download The App

2. Spotify Music

Spotify App

Spotify is one of the most famous Free Music App in the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Spotify is having the largest collection of Songs from World’s most famous Music Artist like Adele, Akon, etc.  This app comes in both Free and Premium plans. You can listen to Music, Create a playlist with your favorite music or even clone music from other prebuilt Playlists that you may like. Now let’s check what are the features of the Premium plan of the Spotify app. This is once again the best MP3 Music Downloader App.


  • Save Music to listen to them offline. Offline mode is possible.
  • High-Quality Audio.
  • No more Ads.
  • Available on all your devices like Laptop, Smartphone, Desktop, etc.
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   Spotify Music

3. Free Music

Free Music App

Free Music is a revolutionary App for Free Music Download. This app got more than 50,000,000 within a less span of time. This App went viral, and those days, more people are downloading and using this App for listening and to Download Free Music. MP3 Music Downloader App. Download Free Music is yet another good app for free music.

In the Google Play Store, this App has around 4.3/5 User Rating which is too high. Your best music client and player for finding and listening trending music.


  • One among the most trusted App
  • Unlimited Free Music.
  • 100% Free
  • HD Digital Sound
  • Downloadable Songs
  • Millions of High-Quality Songs.

   Free Music

4. SoundCloud

SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud is one of the largest collection of Free Musics in the World. This App let us listen to the music of High Quality. You can share songs, rate other songs, and even like, comment on other’s songs as well. You can upload and share music your own and share it with a whole world. If you upload any kinds of music to SoundCloud, you can monetize it for revenue, by this you can even earn money with this app, too. Soundcloud has over 150 Million Tracks and Music.

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  • Trending music section like YouTube
  • Select your favorite music by filter option
  • Share music
  • Like and Comment on Music
  • Upload your songs
  • Earn money by monetizing Songs.


5. Play Music

Google Play Music

Yes, Google Play Store has a dedicated category for Music and Songs. Over time Google Play Music has become a trend for getting new latest updated Albums and Songs of your choice in any Language. The only problem is that you have to pay each and every song you download from them. If you want the song, then definitely you should pay for it. It is not a free option as like other apps in the list.

Right away go to Google Play Musics, select your favorite song or Album and proceed further with your subscription and here you have your favorite song within minutes.


  • Premium Songs
  • Store up to 50000 songs on your account
  • Purchase and listen to any song on the go.
  • Category to select your favorite genre like Melody, Classic, DJ, etc.
  • Pro feature let you access High-Quality songs without any Ads or stuff like that.

   Google Play Music


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