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Top File Converter You Should use in 2019

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Top File Converter You Should use in 2019 1

Hi Gurus!💥 Here is another hot topic which we’re going to share with you today. This is post is very useful and will surely comes in handy most especially to users interested in converting various files.

Top file converters of 2019

File converters are used commonly for converting files from one type to another. Not all software and laptops can access every file format. This is why users need online converters for converting different file formats. The PDF format is a commonly used file format for text documents. Other file formats such as DOC file must be converted into PDF format for convenience purposes. If you want to know about the best file converters of 2019, here is our brief overview.

1: Onlineconverterfree.com

Onlineconverterfree.com is the best free converter due to several reasons. You can convert any audio, video, image, eBook and text document with the help of Onlineconverterfree.com. Even unknown file formats can be converted as Onlineconverterfree.com has more than 200 file formats support. The conversion process is hassle-free as you just have to upload the document and select the output format. Leave the rest of the job on the website.

2: Zamzar

For an average user, Zamzar is an excellent all in one file converter. You can convert all famous file types with the help of this platform. The user interface and functionality of this website is the main reason for its success. Doc files can be converted into PDF files without any issues. Moreover, Zamzar is also a great option for converting audio and video files.

3: Online Convert.com

Onlineconverter.com has been the user’s favorite file converter for years. There is an option to check whether your file format can be converted or not. For this on the left of the home page, there is a dedicated dialogue box. Once you have verified your file format upload its URL on the website. You can also directly open any file format from your computer. This way you can convert your files in the desired formats.

4: Aconvert

Aconvert allows you to convert text documents, images, audio, and, eBook in multiple types of formats. If you want to convert a video into another format, it will also give you options to set the video resolution, bit rate, and aspect ratio. Other than images and videos, text documents and eBooks can also be converted using this platform. This converter is an excellent all in one platform where you can convert different types of files in a short time.

5: Online2Pdf.com

If you want to play around with your PDF file document, then the Online2pdf.com is the best website. Convert other file formats into PDF or merge different PDF files. Online2pdf.com is also an excellent choice for compressing different PDF files. For all your PDF files related issues, the Online2pdf.com is the best place. Directly save your converted file on your computer or any of the cloud storage platforms.


So there are a number of options available for converting various types of file formats. The ones we have listed are completely free and have excellent support for even some unknown file formats. Even a novice user can use these websites for converting any file format.

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