Home Tips WhatsApp Business: Why You Should Consider Using It To Improve Your Business

WhatsApp Business: Why You Should Consider Using It To Improve Your Business

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WhatsApp Business: Why You Should Consider Using It To Improve Your Business 1

WhatsApp Business is the best alternative for business owners and freelancers. It has lots of features compared to the main WhatsApp which makes it preferable by business owners.

However, if you don’t understand how to configure or setup WhatsApp Business, then this article is perfect for you. However, before we proceed, kindly share this post with others. Thanks.

If you don’t know what WhatsApp Business is, let me explain it briefly.

What Is WhatsApp Business?

This is a product of WhatsApp which makes it easier for business owners to navigate, interact and communicate with their clients. But that’s not all, it also allows business owners to set up or schedule working hours for visitors or clients.

It has lots of interesting features which makes it easier to navigate, communicate and operates just like being in work office.

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WhatsApp Business is the #7 top apps on Google Playstore used by millions of business owners which doesn’t only allow messaging to take place but also provides interactions between business owners and customers.

Features Of WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business allows you to communicate more efficiently with your customers.

– It helps you grow your business.

– If you have different phone numbers for your business and private use, you can have both WhatsApp Messengers installed on the same phone i.e WhatsApp Business & WhatsApp Messenger.

– It supports quick reply and auto-reply whereby you can configure the app to automatically reply to your customers even while you’re busy.

– In addition to the features on WhatsApp Business, it includes;

BUSINESS PROFILE: Create a profile for your business to assist your customers in finding valuable information about your business e.g. website, location, or contact information.

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BUSINESS MESSAGING TOOLS: You can auto send away messages to your customers while you’re offline.

LANDLINE/FIXED NUMBER SUPPORT: You can use WhatsApp Business with a landline (or fixed) phone number and your customers can message you on that number. During verification, select the “Call me” option to receive the code over a phone call.

USE BOTH WHATSAPP MESSENGER AND WHATSAPP BUSINESS: You can use both WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger on your phone, but each app must have its own phone number. In other words, you can’t use the number you use to register WhatsApp Business For you WhatsApp Messenger.

WHATSAPP ON THE WEB: You can as well communicate with your customers right from your computer’s browser.

There are lots of features you could get using WhatsApp Business, so if you want your business to be more professional, then consider migrating to WhatsApp Business.

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WhatsApp Messenger is good for your business, but WhatsApp Business is perfect. You have to take any possible chances in other to improving your business and making good sales with plenty of customers.

WhatsApp Business can make all this possible with just a simple installation.

How To Download WhatsApp Business?

Installation is easy, you’re few clicks away from installing WhatsApp Business on your phone.

Click on the link below to download;


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